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What Cricket Bat and Equipment Does Virat Kohli Use for International and IPL Cricket?

by Sarbjeet Singh 03 Aug 2023
What Cricket Bat and Equipment Does Virat Kohli Use for International and IPL Cricket?

Elaboration and the Impact of Kohli's Cricket Equipment:

  1. Virat Kohli's Iconic MRF Cricket Bat: Kohli's MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat is a testament to his meticulous approach towards his game. The bat's high-quality English willow construction gives him the confidence to play attacking shots with power and precision. The large sweet spot allows him to find the boundary even on off-center hits, maximizing his scoring potential. The comfortable handle reduces vibrations and enhances his bat control, enabling him to bat for extended periods without discomfort. With this bat in hand, Kohli can confidently face any bowling attack and dominate the game.

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  2. Kohli's MRF Genius Grand Gloves and Chase Master Batting Pads: Kohli's batting gloves and pads provide the necessary protection for his hands and legs during intense battles with the ball. The lightweight design of the MRF Genius Grand Gloves allows him to maintain agility and flexibility while also offering essential cushioning and support. The white sheep leather palm enhances grip and feel, allowing him to play a wide range of shots with confidence. The molding in all fingers ensures that even the hardest of deliveries won't deter him from taking risks and playing his natural game.

MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Batting Gloves (MRF Virat Kohli Batting  Gloves)


The MRF Chase Master Batting Pads are engineered to offer top-notch protection to Kohli's legs. The three-piece internal bolster shields him against fast, seaming, and bouncing deliveries. The padded knee socket with fiber insert protection safeguards him during diving and sliding efforts, reducing the risk of injuries. With the ultimate protection and comfort, Kohli can fully focus on his batting, knowing that his body is shielded from any potential harm.

MRF Chase Master - Cricket Bat –


  1. The Shrey Master Class Air Cricket Helmet: In a sport as fast and competitive as cricket, the importance of a reliable helmet cannot be overstated. Kohli's choice of the Shrey Master Class Air Cricket Helmet highlights his commitment to safety. The lightweight yet robust design of the helmet ensures maximum protection against bouncers and delivers confidence while facing fiery fast bowlers. The improved fixed grille offers enhanced facial and side protection, reducing the risk of head injuries. With a secure fit and advanced safety features, Kohli can concentrate on his batting without any concerns about his well-being.

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  2. Virat Kohli’s Puma Cricket Shoes: Kohli's Puma One8 19 cricket shoes are designed to optimize his mobility and stability on the field. The EVA midsole provides cushioning and shock absorption, reducing the impact on his joints during long innings. The internal support structure enhances stability and prevents unnecessary strain on his feet. The multi-studded rubber outsole delivers a strong grip, allowing him to quickly change directions and execute sharp movements. Comfortable and reliable footwear ensures that Kohli can stay on his toes and maintain his focus throughout the match.

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  3. Grip Cream and Sweat Band: A cricketer's grip on the bat is crucial for control and shot execution. Kohli's use of Griptech's Grip Cream is a testament to his attention to detail. The hydrophobic cream ensures a firm grip on the bat handle, even in challenging weather conditions. This allows him to play his shots with precision and confidence, regardless of the pitch or weather conditions.

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The MRF sweatband not only keeps sweat away from his eyes and face but also adds a touch of style to his overall appearance on the field. By managing sweat effectively, Kohli can maintain his focus and concentration, which is vital during pressure situations.

Virat Kohli Sweating it Out to Become World's Best Athlete' | Cricket News


Virat Kohli's choice of cricket equipment is a reflection of his commitment to excellence, safety, and performance. The careful selection of his MRF bat, gloves, pads, Shrey helmet, Puma shoes, grip cream, and sweatband demonstrates his dedication to perfecting every aspect of his game. These top-notch cricketing gears enable him to express his skills freely, maintain a high level of performance, and set new standards of excellence on the cricket field. With such exceptional equipment at his disposal, Kohli continues to inspire cricket enthusiasts worldwide with his extraordinary talent and unwavering passion for the game.

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