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"Want to Know Jos Buttler's Secret Weapon? Discover His Equipment for IPL and International Matches!"

by Sarbjeet Singh 03 Aug 2023
"Want to Know Jos Buttler's Secret Weapon? Discover His Equipment for IPL and International Matches!"

Jos Buttler's Equipment For IPL And International Matches


Cricket fans worldwide admire Jos Buttler for his explosive batting and exceptional wicket-keeping skills. He has had a significant impact in both international cricket and the Indian Premier League (IPL), representing the Rajasthan Royals. Buttler's aggressive style and quick glovework have made him a fan favorite. Let's take a closer look at the high-quality equipment that makes him a formidable force on the cricketing stage.

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat:

Unleashing Power And Precision When Jos Buttler steps onto the cricket field, he wields the mighty Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat, a weapon designed to unleash the perfect blend of power and precision. Made from the finest Players Grade English Willow, this bat is like Buttler's magic wand, enabling him to conjure up massive sixes and elegant strokes effortlessly.

Jos Buttler on Twitter: "WIN a top of the range @KookaburraCktUK Kahuna Pro  Cricket Bat AND a match worn, autographed, Rajasthan Royals shirt! Head to to enter. Good luck!" /


The Kahuna Pro features an intimidating full profile, perfect for dominating in the fast-paced world of short-format cricket. With its standard toe shape and oval handle, this bat is tailored to Buttler's preferences. The trusty Hexa Grip provides a firm hold, giving him the confidence to take on any bowler, knowing that this bat is his ultimate ally.

Buttler's Kookaburra Kahuna Pro is a masterpiece with a maximum edge and spine profile, ensuring that even his off-center hits find the boundaries. Weighing in the range of 2lbs 10oz to 2lbs 10.5oz, this bat is a force to be reckoned with, ready to launch the ball into the stands with sheer power and precision.

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Pads:

Optimum Protection For optimum protection and comfort on the cricket field, Jos Buttler relies on the Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Pads. These Grade 1 quality pads feature micro-weight sculptured HDF and reinforced cane rods for external impact protection, ensuring Buttler remains shielded from fast deliveries. The 'Hybrid Pro' liner, comprising compressed Poron XRD and ultra HDF, enhances comfort while reducing bulk. Ergonomically shaped straps and reflective design elements like leather and mesh instep, premium PU facing, and brushed cotton padding enhance the overall experience. With these pads, Buttler can bat with confidence, knowing that he is well-protected and comfortable throughout his innings.

2023 Kookaburra Kahuna 2.1 Batting Pads

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves:

Enhancing Grip And Flexibility Jos Buttler trusts the Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves to enhance his grip and flexibility while batting. These gloves feature a super soft 'Rome' sheep leather palm with ventilation for excellent grip and breathability. They offer advanced protection with Poron XRD and high-density foam reinforced with fiber inserts, ensuring safety for the fingers and thumb. The gloves prioritize comfort with a soft-fill lining, airflow mesh gusset, and a neoprene wrist with a secure hook and loop fastening. With the Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves, Buttler can confidently showcase his dominant batting skills with precision and power.

2023 Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves | Kookaburra Sport UK

Masuri E Line Titanium Cricket Helmet:

Ensuring Ultimate Protection Buttler's safety is paramount, and he relies on the Masuri E Line Titanium Cricket Helmet for ultimate protection. This helmet is constructed with lightweight titanium, offering superior impact resistance while ensuring excellent visibility on the field. The strategically placed ventilation holes and moisture-wicking pads keep Buttler cool and comfortable during long innings. With the Masuri E Line Titanium Cricket Helmet securely fitted, Buttler can focus on his game, knowing he is well protected.

Masuri E-Line Steel Cricket Helmet | Masuri UK

New Balance CK 10 BL4 Cricket Shoes:

Perfect Balance Of Stability And Agility Buttler's choice for footwear on the cricket field is the New Balance CK 10 BL4 Cricket Shoes, offering a perfect balance of stability and agility. These dynamic cricket boots feature a bootie-constructed upper with selective melt for zonal support, ensuring optimal performance during batting, fielding, and all aspects of the game. The Revlite midsole provides exceptional shock absorption and cushioning, reducing fatigue and allowing Buttler to stay comfortable throughout the match. The 11-spike outsole configuration offers excellent traction and grip on various surfaces, enabling quick movements and precise footwork. With a synthetic upper mesh and TPU reinforcement, these shoes provide durability and breathability, keeping Buttler's feet cool and protected during intense matches.


Kookaburra Pro Wicket-Keeping Pads:

Unparalleled Performance Behind The Stumps Buttler relies on the Kookaburra Pro Wicket Keeping Pads to excel behind the stumps. These pads offer superior lightweight construction and an ergonomic shape, preferred by international players. With a unique "3D" gusset to the top hat, these pads provide increased flexibility and comfort. The micro weight HDF and ergonomically shaped compressed Poron XRD & Ultra HDF internal bolster maximize protection while minimizing bulk. The durable premium PVC instep with PVC piping ensures durability and a secure fit. With Kookaburra Pro Wicket Keeping Pads, Buttler enjoys unparalleled performance and confidence behind the stumps.

Kookaburra Pro Wicket Keeping Pads Review - YouTube

Kookaburra LC 1.0 Wicket-Keeping Gloves:

Exceptional Feel And Durability Regarding wicket-keeping gloves, Buttler trusts the Kookaburra LC 1.0 Wicket-Keeping Gloves. These gloves feature a long-cut style and are made from premium aniline sheep leather, providing a superior feel and durability. The unique Kookaburra catching cup and cotton padding offer excellent protection and comfort. The rubber Kookaburra Tri-Grip ensures a secure grip, while the premium aniline sheep leather finger backs with durable fiber wear patches enhance longevity. The K Flex Support patch on the back provides added support, and the long cuff with premium super soft brushed cotton lining offers a comfortable fit. With the Kookaburra LC 1.0 Wicket Keeping Gloves, Buttler can confidently handle any ball that comes his way.

Kookaburra Long Cut 1.0 Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves - Cricket Best Buy

IPL Gear And Equipment Jos Buttler uses the same cricket equipment for IPL matches as he does for international matches, but with Rajasthan Royals' team colors and branding. He relies on the Kookaburra Kahuna Pro batting gloves that provide exceptional grip and flexibility, with reinforced finger sections and padded palms for superior impact protection. Buttler's contributions to the Rajasthan Royals team have been immense. He has been a vital component of their batting lineup, helping them win important matches with his explosive batting and excellent wicket-keeping skills.


Jos Buttler's exceptional performance on the cricket field can be attributed to his talent, dedication to training, and high-quality equipment. He has made a wise choice in selecting some of the best cricket gear available, including the Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat and Batting Pads, Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves, Masuri E Line Titanium Cricket Helmet, New Balance CK 10 BL4 Cricket Shoes, and Kookaburra Pro Wicket-Keeping Pads. These pieces of equipment are crafted with utmost care to provide superior protection, comfort, and performance to a professional cricketer like Buttler. To elevate your game and emulate Buttler's success, explore “Cricket Store Online” and invest in these top-notch cricket gear and equipment. With the right tools at hand, you too can make a significant impact on the cricketing world, just like Jos Buttler.

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