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"Thrilling August Ahead: A Kaleidoscope of Sporting Spectacles in India 2023"

by Sarbjeet Singh 01 Aug 2023
"Thrilling August Ahead: A Kaleidoscope of Sporting Spectacles in India 2023"

Indian Sports Calendar in 2023: Major Events to Look Forward to in August

The month of August is shaping up to be an exhilarating period for sports enthusiasts in India, as the Indian sports calendar is packed with several major events across various disciplines. Notably, these events also serve as crucial qualifiers for the prestigious Paris Olympics 2024, making the stakes even higher for the athletes. Let's take a closer look at some of the major events that are set to unfold in August.

Indian Sports Calendar 2023: Full list of Schedule, Matches & Tournaments

Archery: Archery enthusiasts can look forward to the World Archery Championships taking place from July 31 to August 06. This event is not only an opportunity for archers to showcase their skills on the global stage but also a crucial qualification event for the upcoming Summer Olympics in Paris.

Athletics: The World Athletics Championships is scheduled to be held in Hungary from August 19 to 27. India will be proudly represented by a talented contingent of athletes, with the reigning Olympic gold medallist, Neeraj Chopra, leading the way. This championship provides a platform for Indian athletes to compete against the best in the world and secure valuable points for Olympic qualification.

Badminton: Badminton fans can enjoy a thrilling month of action, starting with the BWF 500 tour in Australia from August 2 to 6. The month concludes with the much-anticipated Badminton World Championships, taking place in Denmark from August 21 to 27. The World Championships not only offer exciting matches but also serve as a crucial opportunity for players to earn Olympic qualifying points.

Cricket: Cricket enthusiasts have already witnessed India's ongoing tour of the West Indies, which began on July 12 and extends until August 13. The series provides an opportunity for India's cricketing stars to showcase their talents in the Caribbean.

Cycling: Top Indian cyclists Esow Alben and Ronaldo Singh will lead the Indian contingent at the World Cycling Championships from August 3 to 13. Ronaldo Singh, who recently impressed at the Asian Championships, will be aiming to make his mark on the world stage.

Football: Football lovers can relish the 132nd edition of the prestigious Durand Cup, which will be held from August 3 to September 3. The tournament will witness the participation of 24 clubs, including teams from Bangladesh and Bhutan, adding a regional flair to the competition.

Handball: The Asian Women's qualifiers for handball will take place from August 17 to 23. Teams will battle it out for a spot in the upcoming Asian Games, making it a high-stakes event for all participating nations.

Hockey: After a challenging outing at the Torneo del Centenario in Spain, the Indian hockey team will be back in action at the Asian Champions Trophy from August 3 to 12. This tournament will feature top Asian countries vying for supremacy ahead of the Asian Games.

Sailing: The World Sailing Championships will be held from August 10 to 20, attracting sailing enthusiasts from around the globe. It's an excellent opportunity for Indian sailors to compete against the best and hone their skills.

Shooting: The ISSF World Shooting Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, from August 17 to 31, will witness Indian shooters aiming to secure quota spots for the Paris Olympics. Rudrankksh Patil, Swapnil Kusare, and Bhowneesh Mendiratta will be aiming to build on their previous successes and add more slots for India.

Sports Climbing: From August 01 to 12, the IFSC Climbing World Championships will bring the excitement of climbing competitions to fans in India.

Table Tennis: The WTT action will shift to South America, with tournaments in Lima from July 31 to August 6 and Rio from August 07 to 13. The tour will then head to Almaty, Kazakhstan, from August 29 to September 03, offering intense table tennis action for fans.

Tennis: The North American leg of the tennis calendar will take center stage in August. Players will have the chance to compete in the Cincinnati Masters from August 21 to 27 and the Canadian Open from August 07 to 13 before gearing up for the prestigious US Open from August 28 to September 10.

Volleyball: The Asian Volleyball Championships will captivate volleyball fans from August 19 to 26, as teams from the continent vie for the title.

Discipline Event Date
Archery World Archery Championships July 31 - August 06
Athletics World Athletics Championships August 19 - August 27
Badminton Australian Open (BWF 500) August 2 - August 6
Badminton World Championships August 21 - August 27
Cricket India’s Tour of West Indies July 12 - August 13
Cycling World Cycling Championships August 3 - August 13
Football Durand Cup August 03 - September 03
Handball Asian Women’s qualifiers August 17 - August 23
Hockey Asian Champions Trophy August 3 - August 12
Sailing World Sailing Championships August 10 - August 20
Shooting ISSF World Shooting Championships August 17 - August 31
Sports Climbing IFSC Climbing World Championships August 01 - August 12
Table Tennis WTT Contender, Lima July 31 - August 6
WTT Contender, Rio August 07 - August 13
WTT Contender, Almaty, Kazakhstan August 29 - September 03
Tennis Cincinnati Masters August 21 - August 27
Canadian Open August 07 - August 13
US Open August 28 - September 10
Volleyball Asian Volleyball Championships August 19 - August 26


In conclusion, August 2023 promises to be an action-packed month for Indian sports, with numerous opportunities for athletes to shine on the world stage and secure their spots for the Paris Olympics. As sports enthusiasts, we can eagerly anticipate witnessing thrilling performances, fierce competition, and moments of glory for Indian athletes across various disciplines. So, mark your calendars and get ready to cheer for our sporting heroes as they strive for excellence on the international stage.


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