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How Does Glenn Maxwell's Explosive Cricket Gear Elevate His Performance in IPL and International Matches?

by Sarbjeet Singh 04 Aug 2023
How Does Glenn Maxwell's Explosive Cricket Gear Elevate His Performance in IPL and International Matches?

Glenn Maxwell's Explosive Cricket Gear: Unleashing the Beast Mode in IPL and International Matches


Glenn Maxwell, the dynamic Australian cricketer, relies on a powerful arsenal of cricket equipment to dominate the game on the international and IPL stage. From the formidable Kookaburra Beast Pro Cricket Bat to the customized Kookaburra Beast Pro 2.0 Batting Pad and Gloves, each piece is tailored explicitly to fit Maxwell's requirements, providing him with the perfect fit and unparalleled experience. Additionally, the Masuri E Line Titanium Cricket Helmet and Asics Men's Speed Menace FF Cricket Shoes ensure safety and agility, enabling Maxwell to showcase his explosive batting and exceptional fielding skills.

  1. Unleashing Power With The Kookaburra Beast Pro Cricket Bat:

  • Explosive power and precision for attacking stroke play
  • Massive profile with thick edges and a large sweet spot
  • High-quality English willow construction for maximum power
  • Oval handles, silicon grip, and mid to low profile for balance and control
  • Clean grains and slanted toe design for durability and aesthetics
    Melbourne Stars on Twitter: "Bubble or Beast? #TeamGreen @KookaburraCkt" / Twitter
  1. Perfect Fit And Protection With The Kookaburra Beast Pro 2.0 Cricket Batting Pad:

  • Customized for comfort, flexibility, and protection
  • Breathable internal mesh lining and high-density foam facing
  • Molded high-density foam styling and extended side wing for impact absorption
  • Contour+ shaped internal knee roll and reinforcement bolsters for durability
  • Premium polyester lining for ruggedness in intense matches
    Glenn Maxwell - Team Kookaburra Profile | Kookaburra Sport UK
  1. Perfect Grip And Control With The Kookaburra Beast Pro 2.0 Cricket Batting Gloves:

  • Designed for aggressive batting and confident front foot play
  • Sheep leather palm and wear patch for a secure grip
  • HDF density foam with fiber inserts for excellent protection
  • Ergonomic square foam styling for comfort and flexibility
  • Two-piece sidebar and double-sided toweling wristband for stability and comfort Cricket Batting Gloves | Kookaburra
  1. Safety And Style With The Masuri E Line Titanium Cricket Helmet:

    Masuri T-Line Steel Cricket Helmet | Masuri UK
  • Advanced safety features with a sleek design
  • Titanium grille for exceptional facial protection
  • Extended back for coverage of the vulnerable head area
  • Removable and washable sweatband for comfort
  • High-quality chinstrap for a secure fit
  1. Agility And Traction With Asics Men's Speed Menace FF Cricket Shoes:

    Buy ASICS Mens Speed Menace FF - White/Tuna Blue Sports Shoes, UK - 7 at
  • Enhancing performance with agility and traction
  • Supportive synthetic leather overlays for a secure fit
  • Internal heel counter and DUOMAX™ technology for stability
  • Deeper outsole flex groups for flexibility and natural foot movements
  • Forefoot studs for enhanced traction during crucial moments

Equipment In IPL Matches:

  • Using the same high-quality equipment with RCB branding
  • Kookaburra Beast Pro empowers power-hitting prowess
  • Customized Kookaburra Beast Pro 2.0 Pad and Gloves for perfect fit and protection
  • Asics Men's Speed Menace FF Shoes enhance agility and traction
  • Maxwell's impact performances and contributions to RCB's success


Glenn Maxwell's explosive cricket gear, including the Kookaburra Beast Pro Bat, Batting Pad, and Gloves, the Masuri E Line Titanium Helmet, and Asics Men's Speed Menace FF Cricket Shoes, are instrumental in unleashing his beast mode in IPL and international matches. Customized to fit his requirements and ensuring utmost safety and performance, these equipment pieces enable Maxwell to dominate the game and showcase his exceptional skills on the cricket field.

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