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Durand Cup 2023: Know Schedule, Watch Live in India, Unleash Asia's Oldest Football Extravaganza, and Exciting Predictions!

by Sarbjeet Singh 04 Aug 2023
Durand Cup 2023: Know Schedule, Watch Live in India, Unleash Asia's Oldest Football Extravaganza, and Exciting Predictions!

Durand Cup 2023: Asia's Oldest Football Tournament Unveils Exciting Battle for Glory


The Durand Cup, Asia's oldest football tournament, returns in 2023 with its 132nd edition, promising an exhilarating spectacle for football enthusiasts. As the prestigious competition kicks off, 24 teams from across the nation are ready to battle it out for the coveted title. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the ongoing Durand Cup 2023, offering readers an insight into the tournament's format, the participating teams, match results, and the group stage points table.

The historical significance of the Durand Cup cannot be understated. Originating in 1888, the tournament holds the distinction of being the oldest football competition in both India and Asia. With such a storied legacy, the Durand Cup has become an integral part of the country's footballing heritage, attracting a loyal and passionate fanbase.

In the 2023 edition, the organizers have expanded the tournament to include 24 teams, four more than the previous year, raising the level of competition and excitement even higher. The teams come from different backgrounds, including military, clubs, and regions, adding diversity to the tournament and showcasing the talent from various corners of the nation.

West Bengal and Assam have been chosen as the venues for the tournament, allowing fans from different regions to witness top-notch football action up close. The iconic Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan, also known as Salt Lake Stadium, in Kolkata will host the final on September 3, where the crowning moment of the champion will take place.

The blog will keep readers updated on the latest results and scores of each match as it unfolds. From the opening match, which saw Mohun Bagan Super Giant secure a resounding victory against Bangladesh Army, to the closely fought encounters in various groups, the action-packed group stage promises unforgettable moments.

Moreover, the blog will provide a detailed group stage points table, allowing readers to track the performance of each team throughout the competition. This will give an understanding of which teams are leading in their respective groups and who are in contention for a spot in the knockout rounds.

As the group stage progresses, the anticipation will mount, leading to the knockout rounds, where the best teams will face off in high-stakes matches. The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the grand finale at the Salt Lake Stadium will undoubtedly offer intense drama and showcase the remarkable talent of the players.

In conclusion, the Durand Cup 2023 is set to captivate football fans with a month-long footballing extravaganza. With its rich history, expanded format, and thrilling matches, the tournament remains a celebration of the sport and an opportunity for teams to etch their names in footballing folklore. So, gear up for an enthralling journey through the Durand Cup 2023, where the beautiful game takes center stage once again.

The Format

The Durand Cup 2023 follows a two-stage format, comprising the group stage and the knockout rounds. The 24 teams are divided into six groups of four teams each. They compete against each other in a single-legged round-robin format in the group stage. The top team from each group and the two best second-placed teams across all groups will advance to the quarter-finals, creating an eight-team knockout stage.

Durand Cup 2023: Teams and Groups

Let's take a look at the teams and the groups they have been drawn into:

Group A: Bangladesh Army, East Bengal, Mohun Bagan SG, Punjab FC

Group B: Indian Navy, Jamshedpur FC, Mohammedan SC, Mumbai City FC

Group C: Bengaluru FC, Gokulam Kerala FC, Indian Air Force FT, Kerala Blasters

Group D: Downtown Heroes FC, FC Goa, NorthEast United FC, Shillong Lajong

Group E: Chennaiyin FC, Delhi FC, Hyderabad FC, Tribhuwan Army

Group F: Bodoland FC, Indian Army FC, Odisha FC, Rajasthan United FC

Group Stage Results

The group stage kicked off with a thrilling match between Mohun Bagan Super Giant and Bangladesh Army, where Mohun Bagan secured a convincing 5-0 victory. Other matches showcased fierce competition and close battles between the teams.

Here are some of the key results from the group stage:

  • East Bengal clashed with Bangladesh Army in a closely contested match, ending in a draw.
  • Delhi FC faced off against Hyderabad FC, with Delhi securing a crucial win.
  • Bengaluru FC locked horns with Kerala Blasters, and Bengaluru emerged victorious.
  • Chennaiyin FC and Tribhuwan Army engaged in a captivating match, with Chennaiyin FC clinching a win.

Points Table

The points table at the end of the group stage gives us a glimpse of the teams' performance and the top contenders for the knockout stage.

Group A Points Table:

  1. Mohun Bagan Super Giant - 3 points (1 match played)
  2. East Bengal - 0 points (0 matches played)
  3. Punjab FC - 0 points (0 matches played)
  4. Bangladesh Army - 0 points (1 match played)

Group B Points Table:

  1. Indian Navy - (yet to play)
  2. Jamshedpur FC - (yet to play)
  3. Mohammedan SC - (yet to play)
  4. Mumbai City FC - (yet to play)

Group C Points Table:

  1. Bengaluru FC - (yet to play)
  2. Gokulam Kerala FC - (yet to play)
  3. Indian Air Force FT - (yet to play)
  4. Kerala Blasters - (yet to play)

Group D Points Table:

  1. Downtown Heroes FC - (yet to play)
  2. FC Goa - (yet to play)
  3. NorthEast United FC - (yet to play)
  4. Shillong Lajong - (yet to play)

Group E Points Table:

  1. Chennaiyin FC - (yet to play)
  2. Delhi FC - (yet to play)
  3. Hyderabad FC - (yet to play)
  4. Tribhuwan Army - (yet to play)

Group F Points Table:

  1. Bodoland FC - (yet to play)
  2. Indian Army FC - (yet to play)
  3. Odisha FC - (yet to play)
  4. Rajasthan United FC - (yet to play)

Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, and the Grand Finale

As the top teams from each group progress to the quarter-finals, the knockout stage promises to be a nail-biting affair. The four teams that emerge victorious from the quarter-finals will battle it out in the semi-finals. Finally, on September 3, the grand finale will take place at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan (Salt Lake Stadium) in Kolkata, where the two finalists will compete for the ultimate glory.

Date Match Group Venue
August 3 Mohun Bagan SG 5-0 Bangladesh Army FT A VYBK
August 4 Northeast United FC vs Shillong Lajong D IGAS
August 5 Bodoland FC vs Rajasthan United FC F SAI Stadium
August 5 Mohammedan SC vs Mumbai City FC B KBK
August 6 Delhi FC vs Hyderabad FC E IGAS
August 6 East Bengal vs Bangladesh Army FT A VYBK
August 7 Odisha FC vs Indian Army FT F SAI Stadium
August 7 Mohun Bagan SG vs Punjab FC A KBK
August 8 FC Goa vs Shillong Lajong D IGAS
August 8 Mumbai City FC vs Jamshedpur FC B VYBK
August 9 Delhi FC vs Tribhuwan Army E SAI Stadium
August 9 Gokulam Kerala FC vs Indian Air Force FT C KBK
August 10 Hyderabad FC vs Chennaiyin FC E IGAS
August 10 Punjab FC vs Bangladesh Army FT A VYBK
August 11 Mohammedan SC vs Indian Navy FT B KBK
August 11 Odisha FC vs Rajasthan United FC F SAI Stadium
August 12 Northeast United FC vs FC Goa D IGAS
August 12 Mohun Bagan SG vs East Bengal FC A VYBK
August 13 Kerala Blasters vs Gokulam Kerala FC C MBG
August 13 Downtown Heroes vs Shillong Lajong D SAI Stadium
August 14 Chennaiyin FC vs Tribhuwan Army E IGAS
August 14 Bengaluru FC vs Indian Air Force FT C KBK
August 16 FC Goa vs Downtown Heroes D IGAS
August 16 East Bengal FC vs Punjab FC A KBK
August 17 Jamshedpur FC vs Indian Navy FT B MBG
August 17 Bodoland FC vs Indian Army FT F SAI Stadium
August 18 Delhi FC vs Chennaiyin FC E IGAS
August 18 Bengaluru FC vs Kerala Blasters C KBK
August 19 Mumbai City FC vs Indian Navy FT B VYBK
August 19 Bodoland FC vs Odisha FC F SAI Stadium
August 20 Northeast United FC vs Downtown Heroes D IGAS
August 20 Mohammedan SC vs Jamshedpur FC B KBK
August 21 Kerala Blasters vs Indian Air Force FT C EBG
August 21 Rajasthan United FC vs Indian Army FT F SAI Stadium
August 22 Hyderabad FC vs Tribhuwan Army E IGAS
August 22 Bengaluru FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC C KBK
August 24 Quarter-finals 1 QF SAI Stadium
August 25 Quarter-finals 2 QF VYBK
August 26 Quarter-finals 3 QF IGAS
August 27 Quarter-finals 4 QF VYBK
August 29 Semi-finals: Winner of QF 1 vs Winner of QF 2 SF VYBK
August 31 Semi-finals: Winner of QF 3 vs Winner of QF 4 SF VYBK
September 3 Final: Winner of SF 1 vs Winner of SF 2 F VYBK


Possible Predictions based on Group Stage Performance:

Group A: Mohun Bagan Super Giant has shown an impressive performance in their opening match, securing a dominant 5-0 victory against Bangladesh Army. With their strong start, they are likely to maintain their momentum and emerge as the group leaders. East Bengal, being a formidable side, is expected to give tough competition, while Punjab FC and Bangladesh Army may struggle to keep up with the pace.

Prediction: Mohun Bagan Super Giant to advance as group winners, with East Bengal as potential runners-up.

Group B: As some matches in Group B are yet to be played, it's challenging to make a precise prediction. Indian Navy, Jamshedpur FC, Mohammedan SC, and Mumbai City FC are all competitive teams, and any combination of results could see them progress to the knockout rounds.

Prediction: Indian Navy and Jamshedpur FC are strong contenders for the top two spots in Group B, but it's still open and can go either way.

Group C: Again, with matches remaining to be played, Group C is yet to show a clear frontrunner. Bengaluru FC and Gokulam Kerala FC are expected to put up a tough fight for the top spot, while Indian Air Force FT and Kerala Blasters will aim to make an impact.

Prediction: Bengaluru FC and Gokulam Kerala FC are likely to battle for the top position, but Indian Air Force FT may pose a challenge as one of the best second-placed teams.

Group D: With matches yet to be played, the Group D outcome is uncertain. Downtown Heroes FC, FC Goa, NorthEast United FC, and Shillong Lajong are all capable of advancing to the knockout rounds based on their performances.

Prediction: FC Goa and NorthEast United FC could potentially secure their spots in the quarter-finals, but it remains a tightly contested group.

Group E: Chennaiyin FC and Delhi FC have strong squads and are expected to lead the charge in Group E. Hyderabad FC and Tribhuwan Army will look to cause upsets and disrupt the top teams' plans.

Prediction: Chennaiyin FC and Delhi FC to be the favorites to progress, but Hyderabad FC may also have a chance.

Group F: As matches in Group F are yet to be played, the group's outcome is uncertain. Bodoland FC, Indian Army FC, Odisha FC, and Rajasthan United FC will battle it out for the top spots.

Prediction: Indian Army FC and Odisha FC could be contenders for the knockout rounds, but the group is wide open for surprises.

Disclaimer: The following predictions are based on the teams' performance in the group stage of the Durand Cup 2023. However, football is an unpredictable sport, and the actual outcomes may vary due to various factors such as injuries, player form, tactical changes, and other unforeseen circumstances. These predictions are purely speculative and not a guarantee of actual results.

Where to watch Durand Cup 2023 live in India?

Football fans in India can catch all the thrilling action of the Durand Cup 2023 through live streaming and live telecast on SonyLiv and Sony Sports channels, respectively.

  1. Live Streaming: To watch the matches live online, viewers can access the SonyLiv app and website. SonyLiv offers a convenient and user-friendly platform for streaming the tournament, allowing fans to follow their favorite teams and players in real-time.

  2. Live Telecast: For those who prefer watching the matches on television, Sony Sports Ten 2 and Sony Sports Ten 2 HD TV channels will provide live coverage of the Durand Cup 2023. The high-definition quality ensures a superior viewing experience, bringing the excitement of the matches right into fans' living rooms.

Whether you are on the go or at home, these options ensure that fans across India can witness every goal, tackle, and moment of drama as the oldest football tournament in Asia unfolds its 132nd edition. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of the exhilarating footballing spectacle that the Durand Cup 2023 promises to be!


As the Durand Cup 2023 unfolds, football fans can expect thrilling and unpredictable matches. The group stage has already presented some exciting contests, but the knockout rounds will undoubtedly bring even more excitement and drama. Let's enjoy the tournament and witness the unfolding of football magic on the field!

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